About the Organization

Arbor Housing and Development is a progressive, non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation, committed to building independence and creating housing options to underserved populations primarily in the Southern Tier of New York and North Central Pennsylvania. Created more than 50 years ago as Steuben Churchpeople Against Poverty, the organization has grown from 8 part-time volunteers dedicated to self-help housing to 100 full-time employees. We offer residential behavioral health and domestic violence services that help people overcome challenges and go on to live safely on their own. Arbor Housing and Development's assistance for renters and home-buyers creates a pathway to the security and stability all people deserve. By developing, rehabilitating, and managing quality residential sites, we empower people to live within their means in communities of their choice.

Arbor Housing and Development is an experienced developer of affordable housing as well as supportive housing for at-need populations. Our diverse Real Estate Development experience includes new construction, rehabilitation, historic restoration, and adaptive reuse. Arbor Housing and Development is a Chartered Member of NeighborWorks America®, is a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), is a NYS HCR-certified Rural Preservation Corporation, and is a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Organization.

Mission Statement:
The mission of Arbor Housing and Development is to enhance the quality of life in communities by building independence and creating housing options.

Vision Statement:
We envision communities:

  • Where everyone lives in decent, affordable and safe housing;
  • Where every individual has access to the resources to live as independently as possible, and;
  • Where Arbor Housing and Development continues to be accepted as a collaborative partner in community revitalization efforts

Our Core Values:

We uphold these core beliefs in the way we conduct business and in the way we treat others:

  • Human Potential – We demonstrate our belief in human potential by our investment in the health, safety, independence and development of both staff and customers. We believe that communities and organizations thrive when a diversity of participants and perspectives is welcomed and valued.
  • Mission Excellence - Advancing our mission is our daily focus. We recognize the value brought to our work by Arbor’s talented and dedicated employees, and we regularly invest in their continued professional development. Taking a team approach as a matter of priority, we can be depended on to do the work entrusted to us, and do it to the very best of our ability. We earn the trust of our customers, funders and partners by exceeding accepted standards of quality of our work.
  • Strategic Adaptability - We think ahead, plan, and position ourselves for future success by keeping our organization strong, vital and healthy. We routinely scan for, sense and respond strategically to changes in the environments and markets in which we conduct our business. We embrace change as opportunity. We “think globally and act locally” when it comes to environmental sustainability. We conserve ecological resources and are strongly committed to using environmentally friendly practices in our workspaces and properties we own.
NeighborWorks Green Organization logo

Arbor Housing and Development recently made a commitment to evaluate and reduce our carbon footprint. Arbor looked at each of our business lines in order to see what would be the best way to reduce the impact we have on our environment. While it was no easy task, we are pleased to announce that we have been designated a Neighborworks America Green Organization.

Some of the changes that Arbor implemented as a part of this process were simple. Hanging posters about recycling options, and reminding employees about conserving water and energy took little effort. Others were far more complex, like redesigning forms to reduce the amount of paper consumed. Applications that we had been using were transferred to electronic files which could be filled out and emailed. By implementing this we were able to not only reduce the amount of paper being used, but were also able to provide better customer service to the clients that we serve. From an operational aspect Arbor made some changes, using bathroom soap with out any antibacterial agents all the way up to replacing computer monitors with flat panel displays.

The physical changes would be worthless if we didnt properly inform our staff. Training on "sustainability" has become a regular agenda piece at our employee meetings. Arbor has even begun distributing a bi-weekly newsletter; The Green-a-zine. The newsletter is full of helpful tips to reduce not only the impact our employees have here in the office, but also when they are in their own homes.

Arbor Housing and Development is proud to be one of Neighborworks Americas Green Organizations, and continues to strive to reduce the impact that we have on our environment. Please check out the most recent newsletter below and implement some of the tips into your own "Green" lifestyle.

    Arbor Housing and Development Board of Directors

    Kevin Konopski, Board Chair
    Human Resources Management (Retired), Corning Inc.

    Martin Castellana, Board Vice-Chair
    IT Director-Infrastructure Architect (Retired), Corning Inc.

    Jessica Nichols, Board Treasurer
    Assistant Vice President, Five Star Bank

    Christina Moyer, Board Secretary
    VP/Compliance Officer, C&N Bank, Board Secretary

    Lisa Baker, Board Member

    Steven Barnstead, Board Member
    Attorney at Law

    Sally Madigan, Board Member
    Private Attorney

    Michele Johnson, Board Member
    Community Affairs Proect Manager, Corning Inc.

    Joshua Abel, Board Member
    Insurance Agency Owner, American National Insurance

    Kyle Brautigan, Board Member
    Agent/Partner, The Brautigan Agency

    Nicole Dye, Board Member
    Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services


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