Behavioral Health Services

For the one-in-four adults living with a mental illness, access to safe, affordable housing is even harder to come by than it is for the healthy and for people with other kinds of health problems. Misguided beliefs about mental illness have been known to cause discrimination against would-be renters. This kind of prejudice has even, on occasion, put a damper on Arbor Housing and Development's efforts to create housing options and build independence for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. Arbor Housing and Development does not let unfounded fear-based opposition hold us back from fostering the progress of people working hard to recover from their mental illness and make their way successfully through life.

Building Independence - Behavioral Health Services

Through its Behavioral Health Services business line, Arbor Housing and Development provides person-centered recovery based education and support to individuals diagnosed with a mental illness to assist them to build independent living skills so they can live safely on their own, or in the least restrictive environment possible. Support services help clients to varying degrees. For example, some clients may need twenty-four hour supervision and regular support to comply with their recovery program. Others may need help with medications once per day and still others require only a monthly check-in.

Along this continuum, Arbor Housing and Development provides housing and support services to mental health clients through the following programming: Community Residences (CR), Residents in Transitional Environments (RITE), Supported Housing (SH), and Crime Victim Advocacy.

Arbor Housing and Development operates nearly 250 service beds at residential sites across Allegany, Livingston and Steuben counties in New York.

Community Residences

Residents receive 24/7 care including support groups, goal-setting, skills development and community activities to provide skills to individuals who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness to integrate back into communities. For more information on the following residences call our intake department at (607) 377-0076.


Individuals who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness receive assistance including support groups and  skill development. Residents in this program reside in apartments located throughout Bath, Corning , and Hornell, and have access to 24/7 support and guidance from staff, but typically work with staff only a few times per week. There are 42 OMH licensed apartment beds in Steuben County.  For more information, call our intake department at (607) 377-0076.

Supported Housing

Behavioral health staff visit clients to provide intermittent support in this program which provides the least intensive set of services to mental health clients. Clients are seen as often as needed but at least once per month.

Crime Victim Advocacy

During an emotionally difficult time, interaction with the criminal justice process can feel impersonal, confusing and overwhelming. Arbor Housing and Development staff assist crime victims with criminal justice processes with the goal of reducing trauma associated with a painful and frightening experience with crime. 

Though not lawyers, Arbor Housing and Development crime victim advocates provide friendly professional help with: crisis counseling, social service referral, information and support, transportation to court proceedings, and assistance applying for compensation through the New York State Crime Victims Board.

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